Maximum depth

How deep can you go? 40% deeper than GPX Series devices. Minelab takes you deeper than ever!

Maximum Gold Sensitivity

The incredible sensitivity of the GPZ 7000 with the Super? D hood will give you a high advantage in finding the gold that other detectors have missed in the field.

Precise Ground Adjustment

Most gold is hidden in ”hard” soils with a mineral structure that many detectors cannot handle. The GPZ 7000 easily performs accurate ”soil adjustment” and automatic ”detection ında in harsh terrain.

Advanced Noise Cancellation

The GPZ 7000's superior noise cancellation provides smooth and quiet detection. With the 256 Noise Cancellation channel, the GPZ 7000 receives less environmental noise. Listen to the gold, not the parasite!

Simple Menu System

You can easily enter the Easy-to-use Menu under Detection and Map. Use the manual to get started. You don't have to be an expert to find gold.

Wireless Sound System

Detect your headset without connecting it to your detector. 12 With the Wireless Module, you'll have the chance to use the built-in speaker, existing headphones or your favorite headset.

GPS Positioning & Computer Mapping

See exactly where you are and record as you detect gold. With existing GPS you will be able to detect more terrain and never miss any gold! Save ”efficient locations” using XChange 2 with Google Maps.

Waterproof hood

The GPZ 14 nozzle is water resistant and waterproof to 1 m (3 ft). Easily detect rivers and shorelines without problems! The GPZ 7000's waterproof design allows you to detect in rainy or humid weather conditions.

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Minelab GPZ 7000

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