PROTON V series is the unique rare detector with a depth of 10 MT, capable of rendering 3D images and featuring live scanning & horizontal panoramic cross-section ultrasound.

All the sensors that make up Proton V1 have been specially developed and have a serious depth detection of 10 MT. The data he gave was quite consistent and the margin of error was minimized.

With the live scan feature, it can scan freely in any direction like a detector shakes. Horizontal live ultrasound feature provides the position of objects and gaps in perfect shape and shape.

You can easily interpret your shots with the included tablet pc and the special Reflection 3D software provided with the product, you can determine the accuracy by applying filters and you can see the partial shape of the object. You can see objects such as rooms, tunnels, passages, buried precious metals, gold, silver and bronze in 3D on the tablet pc screen.

The Proton V1 is so lightweight and easy to carry that it is best suited to terrain. Li-ion special battery, which provides long-term use approximately 16 hours of fully charged battery life is calculated in our R & D department.

The instrument is delivered in the kit bag (Ground Scan + Live Sound + Ultrasound Sensors).

After-sales Detector Search Screening training and after-sales support of the device is provided free of charge by our company.


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