A new subterranean imaging device, Proton Rotary G.I.P. It is a 3D sub-phase phase reader. It is an extraordinary product developed to find buried metal, glass, processed metal, marble and cavities under the ground.

The depth of operation of the device is quite high. With normal accessories, it is possible to go down to a depth of about 6 mt. Whether it is a new buried or buried for a long time, it can show the user what is in the ground.

Thanks to the special software Reflection 3D, you can instantly display the under ground with the tablet computer on it and transfer the measured values ​​to the internal memory.

It is very simple to use. In case of metal detection on the tablet screen during shooting, it can give a warning with a loud sound. In addition, on the gap, it warns the operator with a descending sound.

G.I.P. It can give the operator an idea about whether it is ferrous or non-ferrous metal.

All hardware parts are of German origin.

The operating and software systems of the product have been developed by Turkish engineers.

Package Included

24 Hours Durable Li-ion Battery

Custom Carry G-Shock Bag

Free Tablet PC

3D Reflection Software

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