DEUS - New XP, New adventure…

The invention of the first wireless detector from XP and the first full telescopic (foldable shaft) - A technological breakthrough !!!

Deus: a technological breakthrough and a true innovation in metal detector design…

Its patented architecture is based on three elements: headset and headset, wireless connectivity. Power, speed, precision, lightness and density have been achieved by pioneering technologies by adding all components.

The search coil contains the necessary components to process the signals, so that no wiring is required. The signals are analyzed by ultra-small digital circuits, which improves the reception quality. This circuit, integrated in the detector head, analyzes the signals received from the ground and immediately sends them wirelessly to headphones (audible warning) and remote control (visual).

DEUS continues to operate when the remote control is turned off !!!

The headphones continue to control the detector alone even if the remote control is turned off, which makes the detector easy to carry when searching (only 875gr.) In the absence of the remote control (headunit) the headphones allow you to adjust the main detection settings: sensitivity, separation, ground balance, frequency (4kHz, 8kHz, 12kHz, 18kHz) etc. Programs are already created with the remote control.

Replace the coil instantly !!!

This new patented detector can be collected instantly with a telescopic shaft feature and can be held more easily than a flat-bodied detector. It is particularly comfortable to use with its shaped rubber handle and advanced use bracket.

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XP Deus

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